At South Mountain Physical Therapy we offer an extensive array of specialized services meticulously designed to cater to your distinct care needs. 

Musculoskeletal disorders

Including back/neck pain (lumbago/ degenerative disc disorders/ arthritis/ sciatica/ referred pain etc.)  hip/knee pain (bursitis, patella-femoral syndrome, meniscal tears etc.) shoulder/elbow pain hand sprains, foot and ankle injuries etc.

Post Surgery

Rehabilitation needs rehab following neck/back procedures, shoulder surgeries such as rotator cuff repair, SLAP repair, rehab after various arthroscopic surgeries, ACL repair, ORIF or total joint replacements or hand surgery. 

Athletic Injuries

(all ages) sprains and strains, post-surgery rehab and sports specific strengthening. 


Neurological Conditions

Parkinson’s disease, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis or traumatic injury. 



related injuries auto accidents, fall injuries, lien cases. 

Chronic Pain Conditions

Arthritis, degenerative disorders, Fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndromes, and postural dysfunction. 


Including tension headaches, whiplash injury.

General Weakness

from cancer treatment, surgery or long hospitalization. 

Balance or Gait Disorders

Words From the Owner

“My treatment philosophy is simple “Care for every patient as an individual and assist them in accomplishing their goals…while making therapy fun!” Following this philosophy has helped me in assisting my patients. I’m proud to say many of my patients refer family members and friends and return for other diagnosis down the road. Some even stop by just to give a hug and let us know how they are doing. I truly care for each one of my patients. It’s great to form long lasting bonds where my patients feel they can return for other rehabilitation needs.”

Brandon Orso – Owner 


Our Method

Although recovery may not be a straight line our 3 step method is. This will show you what to expect throughout your time with us.

01. Evaluation

The first step is to get an evaluation getting you into the door talking and testing with us.

02. Treatment

Treatment is next this where you’ll be in the clinic working and improving with one of our Physical Therapists.

03. Recovery

This is when you leave us feeling happier and healthier. Don’t worry you wont miss us because our physical therapist will give you some exercises to work on at home.

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